I have a group of 5 Gospel Vocals.. All Female.. They have a heavy church choir background, but are versatile enough to pull off different genres of music..
We really want our set to pull from different stuff.. Classical, Ethnic, Rock, Jazz

I want to bulid a live set for them that is different.. This set would need to be used in both studio and live situations...

Question two: Evaluate my setup..
Yamaha SV-12 Mains and Monitors
Yamaha EMX powered mixer
Main Mixer (Behringer MX2004a)
Vocals.. SM-58 (8) .

Roland XP-60 (Master Keyboard
Roland SP-808 for Triggering Loops (Drum Machine Breaks, Sound EFX)

Question Three: Would I need a hardware sequencer
such as the RM1-X to keep everything in sync.

Do I have all my bases covered??