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Thread: Listen to these sounds

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    Listen to these sounds

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    Hi guys. I have these two samples of an effected vocal and I want to know what was used to manipulate the sound. I assume it was a keyboard with some type of pitch wheel. I have never used keyboards in my setup, mainly using sample cd's alone.
    How can I integrate a keyboard into my setup so that I can send it sounds I want to play with and then have it return it back to an input on my motu 896 hd? Is this similar to a send/return loop? Would a simple output to the keyboard and input into the 896 hd be enough? Would that give stable realtime results?

    The samples are below.

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    The sound sounds as if it was sampled onto a sampler and then the second file different keys were pressed and then the sound was pitch shifted with the pitch wheel on the keyboard.

    On the first file I can't put my finger on it but the same as above eccept that it sounds more like a slide than just a pitch change with the midi controller or whatever they were using.

    Other people can comment on the keyboard situation as that can open up a can of worms.

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    the first one sounds like it might have some kind of filter in it.

    the second does sound like slider.
    or sampled onto 16 levels.

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