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Thread: Lets go underground.

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    Lets go underground.

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    How do you guys feel about underground studios VS. Above ground studios?

    I just personally have a feeling that the isolation would be a lot better underground such as a basement or bomb shelter rather then being in a above ground studio such a bedroom or some other part of a house.

    Am I wrong or do I just have Jim Beluchi mind set that needs an isolated mosh chamber?

    A racoon city studio minus the zombies and T virus???

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    being underground in and of itself will not have an affect on sound transmission in or out of the room - it is the structure within structure that achieves that.

    the earth surrounding the exterior walls actually provides a strong medium for the transmission of sound - so external sound will get in and vice versa, by mechanical coupling. To eliminate this you need an air gap between the external walls and the studio interior walls and no coupling at the floor or ceiling (i.e. you have a room within a room sitting on a barrier that does not transmit sound easily).
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