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Thread: KRK RP6.. Muddy?

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    KRK RP6.. Muddy?

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    Hey FP!

    I have a pair of KRK RP6's.. ive had them for a year now.. but im starting to notice its bad points & its limitations. Ive also started to notice its muddyness .. or maybe its just me? .. But i've listened to a few of my mixes recently & they've sounded very muddy .. but then, ive sent them to my other producer friends and they say im crazy for thinking it sounds muddy & how it sounds great on their speakers (but im hoping there not just saying that to be nice lol).. and one of them has a pair of KRK RP5's.. so im just thinking its just the 6's?

    Im also thinking of upgrading to HS80m's.. Would it be worth it?

    Thanks for the replies!

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    Take this with a grain of salt, as I don't have KRK's (but I have heard them on several occassions).

    The upgrade will probably be worth it.

    However, don't forget that flat studio monitors are just that-- they are supposed to sound that way, and they will have a lot more mid-range than most any hi-fi stereo speakers or headphones. They are meant for mixing for the best possible translation to any/all other speakers out there, so they are not like stereo speakers that are sold to the average (even audiophile) listener. Most stereo speakers and headphones are "hyped" to higher frequencies and/or to accentuate bass, and they scoop out the troublesome mid-range (the famous "smiley-face EQ"). This makes most music sound awesome and clear on them, but they are not good for mixing. For mixing, you want full-range, "flat" speakers that actually show-off the "muddy" mid-range (so you can deal with it accurately).

    You probably just need to get used to mixing on them, but you could/should also compare your mixes on other sets of speakers and on other sets of headphones. If you do that, and if you make yourself a reference disc (CD with a bunch of commercially-released tunes that you know real well), this will help you to understand what your speakers sound like in your room, and will facilitate better mixing.

    But then again, like I said I don't know the KRK's well, and they might be crap...


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    I agree with the above poster - but I will also add my experience with Rokits.

    I used Rokits for about 3 years. RP5G2s to be exact. They did me well for a good while, and after I treated my room they were even better and translated more, but I still had problems with muddy low end in my productions. When I would play my tracks out in clubs, the sub would just eat up the song. Just like you, all my friends would always ask me "How do your tracks sound so clean?!" and I always thought to myself "...they don't!"

    I ended up getting a pair of the new Event 2030 three-way monitors and they exceeded my expectations and were exactly what I needed to progress. My monitors were holding me back much more than I thought. The Events are great - I would recommend checking them out. Otherwise, the HS80s are great too, but though HS80ms are amazing for the money - it is still pretty much in the same class as the Rokits. Have you thought about the next price bracket up, ~1,000-1,200? I know its a big jump but the Events are great, Adam AX series are great, KRK VXTs, etc are all really good speakers. And I'd really suggest treating the room if you haven't yet - it's like getting a new pair of monitors.
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