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Thread: Im Back!!!!

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    Im Back!!!!

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    As if anyone here really remebers me, or missed for that matter.

    I need help guys. I need to chat with some old timers in regards to techno production. I have primarly focused on dance music and hip hop, but I am getting bored and need some help on what effects to use to get that sick sound that gets my prick hard.

    I have studied many styles, from Advent, to Carl Cox, to Valera, to many of the Primate labels. I could use some pointers, pleeeaseee!

    Below is a few pieces of my rig, it's not cookie crisp cereal or anything, but it is my favorite place, next to the decks.

    Also, anyone wishing to host their music, msg me, I am in the works of putting together There, you can host as many songs, mixes, whatever, all served on a Optical Backbone from one the hugest servers know to man based in NYC. Most people would pay a few grand a year for that love. I have lots of bandwith to work out and no 4 track minium like myspace.

    Speaking of myspace, there are a few attempts of techno tracks there, people say my style is somewhat original, I try to make anything work and love ethnic sounds. Cheek it out,

    Heres the lab.


    My fav track at my space is "Bipolar"

    Hope you like, feedback is VERY much appreciated!
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