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Thread: I want to do it the “hard” way!

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    I want to do it the “hard” way!

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    Right now I’m tired of using a computer as a whole studio. You have the incompatibility problem between curtain software and soundcards, the noise problem, and non-sync MIDI ports problem. All this f... up the whole songs or get it difficult to make’um.

    Right now I’m thinking about making songs on hardware only and record the whole damn thing on an exabyte tape, or something like that. But I need to be drawn a curtain picture of what kind of equipment I need. You don’t need to mention brands or models, just what kind of equipment needed to make a complete trance melody on pure hardware with no computer (what so ever) used! I really don’t need a 120 channel mixer, but something little and affordable but still goes under “pro” tools.


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    Well you will need:

    A sequencer.
    Sound sources.
    A recording device.

    Something like an RM1x or MPC

    Sound devices:
    Tone modules, Synths, Live stuff with Mic's, whatever.

    A recording device:
    This is the tricky bit you could do a full analog mixdown on a console with outboard FX and compressors the on to a DAT. Or do it all on a workstation multitrack like an AW4416. Or something in between.

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