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Thread: i need a pa setup

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    i need a pa setup

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    i have a problem with people in the booth not hearing me so i need some sort of mike that doesent need a mixer board. i tried askin people at guitar center but they didnt know. what are you all using and how much was it? im kinda in the dark so any info would help. thanks
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    You need something like a monitor control with a talkback feature. What kind of sound card do you have? If you have multiple inputs, you can use one channel with a separate input and small mic. Keep it on mute and when you want the person in the booth to hear you, just unmute it and talk. Or if you don't have a soundcard with multi in's, just get a talk back device and a talk back mic and then then they will hear you. I wouldn't put a whole pa system in for a booth.

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