I mean- which microphone should I get, which computer will work well, headphones or monitors? and so on..
It was like that for me when I started- I was 17 and wanted to take a big bite out of the world of music production.
I spent hours and hours, sitting on my mother's computer and searching for equipment everywhere.
Took some years to get everything I want- spending almost every sallery on equipment- many microphones, headphones and so on.
I wasted some of my money (big bucks) over that, sometimes a lot of it, on equipment that I eventually didn't use.
So after 10 years of experience using a lot of equipment in my home studio and working at professional studios, I created this eBook called
"Home Studio Equipment Guide".
You can find a link to it in my facebook group called "From Cubase to Cu-Pro". Click Here:
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