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Thread: How much should I charge for dorm studio sessions? Is my setup complete?

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    How much should I charge for dorm studio sessions? Is my setup complete?

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    Hi, I'm going to college and want to bring/upgrade my studio equipment and make side money off studio sessions. I was thinking maybe $10 a session for about 2 hours. So far my setup is a mpk25 midi keyboard, MXL990 Mic, Ableton Standard, alesis studio monitors, and an electro voice cobalt co4 condenser. I'm planning to get a focusrite scarlett 2i2, pack of studio foam (mount with command strips) stand, pop filter, and the rest of the little stuff (cables). P.S. my dorm is designed kind of like an apartment.

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    Having lived in student accommodation - Good luck with stopping drunk roommates (and their drunks friends) from regularly ruining your sessions...

    I don't think you're well enough equipped to make much more than a couple beers a month if I'm honest...
    But I think you should take your gear with you; meet some cool people that have skills and make music with them. Simply because it'll be fun. Make mixtapes, EPs/albums - work on a live set, play dorm parties and sell the tapes (you can get little cards printed with a Bandcamp/iTunes link on them) there.
    I'm all about that boombap.

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