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Thread: How big does a room have to be?

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    How big does a room have to be?

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    How big does a room have to be for a monitor to sound good? my room is about 15ft by 14 ft and I plan on getting the rp8. But I keep hearing that if you have a small room that it be better if I get smaller monitors like the rp6.

    Is my room considered to be small?
    the height of my room is about 9ft.

    I read around and I couldnt really find anything about a certain size your room should be


    oh and also there is a thread below about which monitors to get and this guy said a RP5 + RP10.. would yall say this would be better than getting the RP8? And im assuming the rp6 + rp10 is better because the rp6 has better highs?
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    The 8's shouldn't be a problem *if* the low end is under control.

    If it's not, smaller speakers are only slightly better. But a problem room is a problem room until the problem is confronted. And basically *every* rectangular room has problems in the low end.
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