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    I'm just about to set up a home studio after a while of simply sticking my korg triton thru my pc speakers via a soundblaster live card - I'm sure I'm not doing the old girl justice this way

    My main aim is to have a studio where I can record my Triton, plus guitar and piano (one at a time), but also would like to use it to play live with friends (ie 1 on Triton, 1 guitar, 1 piano) and also have the option of adding new midi devices in the future

    My set up will be as follows, things which I havent bought yet are marked with *

    Korg Triton with MOSS expansion, SCSI card and zip drive
    PC 1.1 gig athlon 512 meg RAM, 2 IBM HDDs at 7200 rpm running Cubase VST, Reason, Reaktor, Wavelab
    Echo Mia soundcard *
    Midiman Midisport 4x4 *
    Mackie 12VLZ Pro mixer *
    Tannoy Reveal Active Monitors *
    Fender Strat *
    Behringer V Amp *
    Chappel upright piano
    mic for piano

    My questions are?

    1. What do people think of this set up, is anything missing for my basic requirements.
    2. In respect to playing live at home do I need to get a separate set of speakers, will the monitors sound too flat? What do people generally do? If I do play thru my monitors whats the best way of routing my gear so I dont need to have my PC running when I'm playing live without having to mess around too much swapping cables over.

    Apologies if this is a dumb newbie question lol err buts thats because I am hehe. Ive never used a mixer before so am not quite sure what to expect




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    Hiya Dred, you've made some wise choices. I have a Mackie 16x8 and it's tits! If you have'nt already purchased the V-Amp, I'd hold out for a POD, they're definitely worth the extra scratch. Also if you're only going to have one mic, make sure it's versatile. You might want to record vocals or acoustic guitar sometime yes? Go with a large diaphragm condensor preferably with switchable polar patterns. Rode, CAD and Audio Technica all offer great mics for $200-$300.....Cheers....Phatty

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