can you all please help me get started? i'm a starting trying to be a hiphop producer. i have a good computer...i think. a P-III 866mhz 128 mb of RAM with a SB Live sound card. the programs that i got on it are Cakewalk Pro 9, Sonar, Reason, Acid Pro 3, Fruity Loops 3. the hardware i got is a ZOOM SampleTrak 224 and a RhythmTrak 234. They only have MIDI IN. so i got the audio plugs of the RT-234 plugged into the ST-224...and the audio plugs of the ST-224 plugged into the LINE IN into my sound card. what can i do?

all the music that i make is made through acid and fruityloops only. i dont use the rest of the programs. i dont even use the RT-234 or the ST-224. in fact i'm selling them. i dont even know how to use the other programs. i plan on getting the Yamaha RS7000 though......but can somebody help me please???