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Thread: Help identifying Similar Plugin Synth To This!

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    Help identifying Similar Plugin Synth To This!

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    Im quite new to production and i'm working on a project in which i'm recreating this song: (ive got the bass and drums down im just struggling with the synth)

    /watch?v=wycjnCCgUes - Feels Like We Only Go Backwards by Tame Impala

    It has a really cool synth which runs through the whole song. I get that its quite close to an organ sound but im hoping someone on here can firstly, point me in the direction of a plugin with an organ sound similar to this and secondly advise what kind of effects are being used because it sounds(to me) quite airy and with tremolo on it but im not sure what are the best plugins to achieve these sounds. sorry if my explaination isnt great and Hope you guys can help.

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