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Thread: Help:cool Edit Pro 2.0,tascam Us-122,motif

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    Help:cool Edit Pro 2.0,tascam Us-122,motif

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    yo im hella new to all this digital recording stuff and midi stuff so bare wit me.I have "cool edit pro 2.0" on my computer, a motif, and a us-122 tascam midi interface.The us-122 is already installed and hooked up to my computer, but these are my prblems. do i hook up my motif to the tascam with midi,and audio. do i use the tascam through cool edit pro.(how do i assign cool edit pro 2.0 to the tascam usb device so i can play my motif through the tascam and record in cool edit)

    if any of yall could help me out there it be most appreciative.thanx

    holla atcha dude

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    Audio out on motif to audio in on Tascam device. Midi out of tascam device to midi in on motif, midi out on motif to midi in of tascam device. Set the audio device to the tascam device on the Cool edit preferences.

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