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    Halfway Complete

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    Here's my situation, I have--

    -A pentium 4 Dell with 2 GB Ram
    -M-Audio Audiophile 192 SC
    -Event Tuned Ref 6's
    -Axiom 61
    -Korg PadKontrol
    -FL 6 to sequence

    I'm in need of a mic and mic preamp I believe, and I'm pretty much rollin as far as production and recording because the audiophile is a PCI interface with inputs for a mic. Therefore, I dont need an Mbox, or audiobuddy, for example, to record, and just a good mic and preamp. Is this correct? I want to make sure.

    If anyone can recommend a good preamp in the $150-$300 range that'd be cool. I've looked at a bunch and I'm getting overloaded.


    anyone got some input?
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