for all u catz askin how to start a home studio imma list how i got mines.

First i got a pc and i just noticed that damn i should hook dat **** up but i'm like ohhhhh well so here we go this is how u start.

A p.c. bout 500mghz or faster
memory bout 128meg or higher
i recommend two hard drives at 7200 for the recording drive
a nice *** graphicz card
a decent mixer bout 6 channels or more
a soundcard for recording only no gaming ****
a whole bunch of cables and a decent mic

here's my setup
P.c. 500mghz celeron
win me
behringer 6channel mixer for $99 at
now mars got mixers for under $70
and Nuendo to track
a whole lotta pluginz
20gig for software and 40(7200) for recording
and a santa cruz soundcard from turtle beach. here'z the pic from my setup

just holla at my email 'll help yall catz out.