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Thread: Ghetto acoustic treatment? lol

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    Lightbulb Ghetto acoustic treatment? lol

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    im getting my monitors soon and it'll be maybe a few weeks till i can buy some acoustic panel type stuff. i have a rather small room so it wont take much. but i was wondering in the weeks i don't have any kind of sound bounce reduction could i use like blankets on the wall the speakers a facing? will that work AT ALL? if you have any other idea's please share.
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    Seriously it will do little other than add a small layer of diffusion, it certainly will not absorb except at one specific, room dependent, frequency

    for more detail read this

    Sound Proofing vs. Sound Treatment

    If you would like a room analysis based on dimensions (highlights what might need treating) let me know - it takes 30" to do and 30' to format for human reading at this time
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