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Thread: Getting studio monitors - will they play well?

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    Question Getting studio monitors - will they play well?

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    I'm thinking of getting the Behringer B1031A Truth ​(, active monitors for my home studio/gaming room. The monitors are about 30 x 40 cm. I've taken some half crap pictures, just so you get the proportions.

    Height, Left of monitor Right (width) Right (Height)

    Whole wall: Gyazo - 3f447ab8aa4c3730dd67bd00420267a5.jpg

    (They wouldn't let me upload more pictures for some reason)

    Behind my computer is a backscene made of wooden panel in front of a concrete wall. 30 cm to the left of the monitor is a concrete wall only. The gear stands on a table from IKEA. It's not very stable, but it's not like it collapses as soon as I touch it. It holds the weight of all the equipment perfectly fine, and will surely hold the weight of the monitors.

    But my question is, do you think there will be weird acoustics for some reason? Should I use some foam under the monitors? Why/why not? I'm not very well educated in studio designing.

    Thanks in advance.

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    I dunno about speakers much, just want to say. Love the setup and workplace from the pics.

    Most of the speakers comes with rubbers under them to absorb vibration, no issues there. Some blankets or studio foam on the wall behind You would be good to get rid of bouncing back sound thing.
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    First, are you sure you want to get some Behringer for your monitor?i would not if i were it possible to save up some money and get some better.Behringer is no good quality,believe me.and i know,you might have not much money but try to save up to get minimum KrK`s rokit,and thats also not best but better then Behringer!Stay with your logitech until you can get some better then behringer.
    While saving up your money for better monitor speaker,change your workplace position.get your desk into the middle of the room,then backoff at least 2 meter from the wall in front of you.then place your speakers seperate in a triangle.around 1,20 meters away from you and both speakers 1,20m-1,70m from each other.Try to let some space between wall and the speakers.means,speakers are not standing on your desktop,but seperate away from you.and for sure,speakers in the same height as your can get more and precise with placing yourself and speakers, but that should do it for the beginning.and before you buy some monitor speakers.
    By the way,i also started with some cheap logitech soundsystem stuff,so i know how it feels,you want some better.i saved up money for 1,5 years to get me some Adam 22a monitors and i dont regret it.
    But first,change your workplace man!

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