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Thread: few random quries

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    just wondering a few things,
    whats the best sub 30 headphnes for DJ use primarly and for the studio.. dont have to be that acurate.. just for mic recording, not mixing.
    i want 2 microphones one large diarphram one small. i really have mt heart set on the studio prjects C1 microphone.. dont kknow if you guys have heard about it.. supposed to sound better than the neuman U-87 and any other mic under $3000, and it only costs $200. but its hard to get hold of in england and costs 200.. i want 2 mics for 200 (second hand) i was thinking an AKG c3000b and rode NT3 or AKG for guitar one for vocals.. any suggestions?
    also im gona get a new soundcard.. i have aKT133 chipset.. (which is vIA) would the ECHO mia or delta 44 be a good bet.. what else is on the market?
    other things.. wanna get a bunch of cheap rack compressors/gates/limiters.. whats the best to go for out of the budget ones.. also want preamp for guitar and mics(all dual units) any idea's?
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    delta 44 should be fine with the new via4in1 drivers, u might find some little things that p*ss u off, like having to reset the sample rate every time u start up and check it before u start recording, other than that it works well.

    Mics i dont know enough to tell u, but there is a good article in sound on sound i think last month, i'll scan it or something it u want pro tips on acoustic guitar recording

    headphones get the best set of panasonic ones u can their exactly the same as technics but half the price!

    ps u get logic audio for free with the delta :eek:
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