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Thread: examples of setup under 3000$

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    i make drumnbass(both techstep and intelligent) and i want to make my gear setup to be able to compose tracks and master them and gig with female vocalist and maybe bassplayer.any ideas what should i buy?i need sampler,sequencer,mic,analog synth,mix,computer, confused.shoud i buy desktop comp+hardware sampler,seq and stuff.or laptop+usb soundcard and bunch of vst things?i want it to be ease to use and lot of live control(knobs).please tell me your opinions and examples (with prices) of setup under 3000$(cheaper=better). i use fruity loops and old celeron 366 but id like to move on.thanks for response...

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    I don't know prices but there are a number of decisions that you have to make before you buy. I assume you have the PA system already in place so a mixer won't realy be necessary until you play out. Then the PA inputs will suffice. I use soft synths and heartlily endorse them but you will need a powerful computer...I see alot of posts about how to use laptops but very few responses. If you build or have a local computer store build your DAW you wil save 1,000 dollars at least which you can put toward software and sound card. By using software synths you don't have to buy outboard boxes which can get very expensive. You would be amazed by the quality of say giga sampler or reaktor. If your stuf is toward techno then you would be looking at Reaktor . It plays back samples and does midi and has an endless list of different possible instruments (a very limited description). if your live stuf is fairly static you could record into cubase of Logic and get an midi controller to alter your synths in real time.
    Computer 1,200 (with CD burner)
    Sound card 200-1,000 depending on how much you want to do with individual tracks to play out a gig
    software 800 for sequencer and soft synths
    MIDI controller 200+
    That should get you started but of course you'll think of a zillion things you just have to have.
    Good Luck,
    digital audio is not for the faint of heart!

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