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Thread: Does an external mixer work well with the M box?

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    Does anybody use the m box with and external mixer?

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    I'm just wondering if I should get an external mixer(ub2442fx) even though I have the m box. If you think I should, tell me what the advantages are and if you think I shouldn't tell me what the disadvantages are.
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    Well....if you had a mixer, then you could monitor you external synths, you could mic up a drum kit (or similar) and then submix to stereo to record via the could patch in reverbs etc via the aux sends.....there is quite alot you can do with a mixer, BUT, the question is this.

    Do you need a mixer?

    If you are mainly using VSTi's or softsynths/samplers, and you have no outboard synths, then you dont need a mixer to monitor them.

    since you have the MBox you can only ever record 2 things you need you record more????

    The preamps in the MBox are probably better than on the behringer......

    Lots questions here, but dont just buy a mixer 'cos everyone else has one', cos the chances are, you may not even need one.

    The only thing I use my mixer for is to monitor my external synths, and for it's preamps....but then I have an 8 analogue input I can actually record all 8 signals onto individual tracks, whereas with the Mbox you can only record in stereo.

    Good luck!
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