If anyone has nay templates they've made with this.. or enjoy using this tool with traktor... here is a brand new forum dedicated to using and makgin the most out of this toy.


If you've been having any technical problems, or need a hand, this is definatly the place to go!
PLus PDoom just released v1.1 of the driver
From http://www.pdoom.ch/dm2/ :

Version 1.1 of DM2 to MIDI released

New features and bugfixes:
- Added minimize box to main dialog
- Bugfix: fixed fader overflow bug that happened with some DM2 devices
- Linear calibration of joystick and crossfader
- Lowered priority of thread processing DM2 events
- Detailed error message if no DM2 found
- DEL in multi-event list deletes selected event
- New 'track buttons' bitmap
- Loading .dm2 file reports version conflicts
- New Scratch Ring mode: slider (/\/\/\/\)
- New Buttons mode: cycle (to use button as toggle)
- MIDI thru (all midi data or unprocessed data only)
- Bugfix: missing calibration data doesn't crash DM2MIDI anymore
- Bugfix: macros aren't lost anymore when editing controls
- Bugfix: save doesn't revert to bank 1 anymore
- New XP icon (32 bit)
- Modified 'dm2' bitmap
- Renamed 'midi key' to 'midi note'
- Option to send MIDI 'note off' message (instead of 'note on' with velocity=0)
- Option to trigger events when Scratch Ring released