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  • Behringer Truth

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  • Spirit Absolute 4p

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  • Event SP8

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Thread: Deciding on active nearfields

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    Deciding on active nearfields

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    I started to go around to the different stores in Oslo to look for studio monitors. I need some active nearfields.

    I first listened to Genelec 1029A. They sounded great, and had an awful lot of detail in the midrange and high end. The imaging was superb. I was only worried about the bass. Where was it? I do some quite bass heavy music, mainly different type of breakbeats/ trip hop/ d'n'b, and I really need to know what's going on "down there".

    Could refering to my cans once in a while fix most of this problem? Would using a sub (when I can afford it) work well, without too much trouble with phase cancellation?

    I also tried the active Yorkvilles. They sounded terribly boomy. It was actually much too bass heavy, and the bass covered all, and it wasn't too detailed a bass either. On the other hand it was there, and the detail in the midrange was actually quite good.

    I am also thinking about Behringer Truths, which would be quite a lot cheaper, but I expect them not to tell me the whole , eh, ... truth. They might be quite pleasant and fun to work with, but I don't find them to be all that truthful.

    I am also looking at Spirit Absolute 4p, Event SP8 (or 5) or perhaps yamaha MSP-5. Is this something for me? Are there others I should look into?

    I'll also test out the poll system here: What should I buy?
    Genelec 1029A, Yorkville PSM-1p, Behringer Truth, Spirit Absolute 4p, Event SP8, Yamaha MSP-5 or none of the above.
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    Have you considered the KRK V4? I have a pair and really like 'em.

    Yeah, checking the mix with your cans is a good idea. The other option would be to buy a sub-bass, but I think that it doesn't provide an accurate representation of the typical listening environment.

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