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Thread: Building A Studio For Recording Drums

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    Building this room in my basement. It's dimensions: 8x16x7.5 ft. One of the walls is a pre-existing concrete wall... Has a drop ceiling. We have already stuffed 4 inch thick roxul mineral wool in between the joists, above the drop ceiling tiles. Haven't built the walls yet but that is next. Our plan of attack was to use more roxul to stuff in the walls with dry wall on both sides... We also will have a double paned window on one wall and a solid core door on another... then from there we were going to use green glue and sandwich another layer of dry wall on the inside to decouple the walls. I guess we should leave a bit of space to use acoustic sealant where it touches the ceiling and where it touches the floor. We then were going to carpet. Drums will be recorded in there so we're going to build a raised surface for those. Can anyone tell me if I am missing anything major or doing anything ill advised? Sorry for the long winded post I'm just trying to be thorough . Thanks!!

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    Can You please upload some pictures? Im really interested to see this.
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    There are two approaches for live tracking. You can aim to capture the sound of the room, or you can aim for as dry a sound as possible.

    If you have a beautiful sounding room, aiming for room sound cool be a compelling option. Particularly if it's large and diffuse. But if you want a dry sound, you have to record in a well-absorbed room. And if you have a bad sounding room, you're better off putting up absorption, recording as dry as possible, and adding good reverb as an effect.

    If I were setting up a drum room with that low of a ceiling, I'd definitely make it as dead-sounding as possible.

    The lengths you're going to for noise isolation will be appreciated, I'm sure.

    Keep us posted on how the project turns out.

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