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Thread: Build Your Bass Traps/ Sound Panels ASAP

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    Build Your Bass Traps/ Sound Panels ASAP

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    I ran from it as long as I could but the truth is you should stop fooling with foam and take the time and effort to build your own bass traps the right way using OC703 or Rockwool.

    Cost wise, foam seems cheaper to begin with, however it's actual efficiency is something you'll fight with. I didn't want to spend the money and was worried about wall damage etc.....

    check YouTube for videos in where to buy materials and how to build them.

    To outfit the average size bedroom you'll need 12 panels and can build them for $500 and make a huge difference in sound. Or keep playing the foam game and spend nearly the same amount but only get a fraction of the efficiency.

    i didn't have $500 to quickly spend so I bought the materials over a four month period instead of buying a foam kit for -$200 in one shot. Believe me you can hear the difference.

    We often wonder why our music doesn't sound like the pros, it's because we didn't take the steps the pros did. Stop the foam and do it right. I'm not advocating for any particular company as I said check YouTube for the hundreds of vids on the topic and buy what you need. You will not be disappointed at all.
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    Great stuff, thanks.

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