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Thread: budget home studio???

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    hey guys,

    doesn't this site rock!!

    i'm starting up in australia
    i want to make good house music
    i know the basics of djing
    i don't know much to do with production
    i'm very keen
    and after a far amount of researching by reading mags and fact sheets on hardware,
    playing with rebirth, music shop advice, etc

    i've basically come up with this idea for a budget (am full time university student)
    home studio setup

    korg es1 - for sampling and making loops and for effects too
    average keyboard synthensiser(FATAR STUDIOLOGIC MK-149) - for melodies and chords
    cubase, cubasis or alternative - for programing my loops and patterns into layers
    sony mdr headphones
    sony mhc w550 stereo system
    pentium 2, 200 mhz, 32ram, creative sound blaster


    - will this work?
    - will this satisfy my needs?
    - will they be compatible?
    - will it be good?
    - does anyone have any better ideas or improvements?
    - is the korg es1 easily compatible with a standard keyboard?
    - can i hook the korg es1 to my computer so i can copy my
    - do i need a program to let me load the loops and samples from the korg on the computer?
    - what programs would be the best program to set my loops?

    is there anything else i need?

    etc etc so many questions,,,,,, sozy

    but that is what the sites for right????

    ps question: what music are you into (yes you?) and what do you have to help you make it??

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    Hi Huey,

    Cubase is very powerful (I use it to arrange my progressive house music), but:

    (1) It might be a slight overkill just for arranging loops. (On the other hand Cubasis might not have enough tracks.)

    (2) I find the screen update and the interface in general a little shoddy and sluggish (even on my P2-300MHz)

    There is a (slightly) harder learning curve compared with simpler programs like Rave Ejay & Acid, but lots of people swear by Cubase, and it certainly does the job as far as I'm concerned.

    I recommend you get 128Mb RAM - memory's dirt cheap at the moment, and it'll help if you use lots of samples. And get a huge hard disk! (at least 20 Gig)

    Good luck

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