I am am new to this board. I am a voiceover artist and sound designer based in Calgary, Alberta and I would like to get some feedback on my current gear and the best (most flexible) way to interconnect the components.

My home studio rig has the following:

Rode NTV Condenser Mic
Soundcraft M12 Mixer
M-Audio Delta 1010 Audio Interface
Mindprint Envoice preamp
Yamaha SPX-90 EFX

I use Nuendo 2.0 for all my recording to the computer.

Currently I have the components interconnected in the following way:

I am using 8 of 12 direct outs from the Soundcraft M12 (Tracks 1-8) go to the 8 inputs on the Delta 1010 Breakout box.

I am returning two outputs (1+2) from the Delta to a stereo input (13)on the Soundcraft which gives me zero latency monitoring when recording to the computer.

The Rode connected directly to the Envoice preamp. I connect the Envoice SPDIF output directly to the SPDIF input on the Delta 1010 card. This effectively bypasses the entire Soundcraft mixer and pumps my voice directly into Nuendo via SPDIF.

I have been thinking that while this is effective and working, it may not be the most flexible. Using this connection scheme - my new Soundcraft has really become a glorified monitor knob instead of the fully flexible workhorse that I know it can be.

What I really want to do is:

1. Fully utilize the Soundcraft for all inputs (mics, guitars, keyboards etc etc)
2. Be able to apply the Envoice (or SPX-90 or both) into any input channel as necessary and record the effected signal to Nuendo.
2. Monitor all recorded sound thru the Soundcraft coming back from Nuendo via the Delta 1010 without latency or feedback/doubling (having the ins and outs feeding through at the same time (when overdubbing).
3. Avoid repatching if at all possible.

The Soundcraft M12 has a ton of great features (some of which I must admit, I haven't tried or don't fully understand). I just feel like I am missing something here and I need a bit of "connection" guidance.

Any help would be appreciated.


Cuzin B