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Thread: Behringer Mixer Questions

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    Behringer Mixer Questions

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    Hey All . . .

    Starting out, let me just say that I know my new Behringer UB1204FX-Pro 12-channel mixer isn't "top of the line", but for someone new to home studio recording, it's a good platform to start off with, I think.

    I already read through the user's manual that came with it, but there's a lot of terminology in it that I'm not familiar with and was hoping someone out there could help me utilize this equipment's potential to maximize on my own. This will probably be part one in a continuing series, but all the help I've received so far has been very useful. For now, I just have a few questions and answers on all or any of them will be greatly appreciated.

    (1) In the place where I hook in my XLR mic cables, the manual says something about balanced and unbalanced connections and having to "bridge" the 2nd and 3rd pin on the XLR cable. What does this mean and why is it important? They seem to make a big deal out of it in the manual.

    (2) When discussing knob and dial settings, the manual uses the terms "pre-fader" and "post-fader". What do they mean?

    (3) When hooking up a mixer, what is the best way of connecting it to my computer? Also, will my mixer have any effect or use in a program like ACID Pro 4.0? Will I need special software that will interface with my mixer or will it work regardless?

    Thanks for the help and, as always, I appreciate the time you take to answer my amateur questions!
    With Respect,

    Columbus, OH

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    with regards to the XLR question there are three ways that an XLR connector can be used.
    1. Wired as a fully balanced line
    2. Wired as a balanced to unbalanced
    3. Wired as fully unbalenced line

    When choosing wich type of wiring method to go for, it is best to use the balanced configuration where equipment will allow you to do so.
    you can see a breif description of the technical differences here

    As for post and pre fader this is regarding the audio path that the input signal takes through the mixer.

    pre fader (before fader) means that secondary outputs from the channel that you are using (usally effect sends/returns) routed before the fader. This means that they will not be affected by adjusting the chanel fader.

    post fader (after fader)is the oposite, sends/returns are routed after the fader, so there level will be adjusted with the position of the chanel fader.

    mixers usally have a button so you can select between each variation post/pre, other mixers are fixed and this can not be adjusted. Some mixers have say send 1,2,3 as post and 4,5,6 as pre, it really does depend on the routing of audio within the desk,reading the manual is the best way of seeing what the configuration the desk uses

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