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Thread: Argggh - Midi setup?

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    Hi You lot,

    Quick question - How would I go wiring up the following hardware/ software?

    Yamaha RM1x
    PC - Soft Synth
    Midi Controller Keyboard

    Essentially what I want to do is use the RM1x as my master sequencer, ASR-x as a sampler (controlled by RM1x), PC's softsynth's (controlled by RM1x for sequencing). How would I midi all this up? I would also like to you use the keyboard to control my soft synth (s) does using two controllers confuse the issue?

    Also I don't have any software synths at the moment. What would be good for this setup? - I've downloaded a demo of reactor but wouldn't have a clue where to start with it (bl**dy confusing piece of software). I'm quite happy to put the time in and learn how to use it though - from all reports it's extremely powerful - will it work in this setup?

    Cheers all.....
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