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Thread: apartment living, is there a personal vocal "booth" that's good to use?

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    apartment living, is there a personal vocal "booth" that's good to use?

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    I can't stand signing loudly while neighbors are curious what I'm doing. I was hoping there was a product like a personal vocal booth//dome-like medium my head can get in to, to use as a vocal booth. Is something like this good enough too?

    Or the $500 voicecube?

    My apartment is a studio apartment small enough that I may just sound proof the walls but how or with what?
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    The point of those things is mainly to reduce the reflections from the hard walls in a space, ie. reducing the sound of the room. They don't do much in terms of keeping the sound from getting out; soundproofing, in general, is pretty hard to do and there's definitely no easy way to do that (basically the only thing that really works is building a room within a room). There are, of course, actual vocal booths that accomplish this, but they tend to cost thousands of $.

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    And unless you own the apartment there isn't too much point in investing mega money in soundproofing because it will most likely be useless in your next home.

    It sucks, I know.

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    Some older buildings have really thick walls that don't let much sound through. Newer project style apartments are made of shit materials and bleed fuck noises through like theyre being projected through a blowhorn.

    I would seek out older apartment buildings. Walls made of brick or other hard materials...knock on the walls and stomp omn the floor when youre checking them out.
    Once upon a time I lived in DC and I loved my apartment there. I could blast my music and yell on the mic tripping on acid all night and no one could give a shit.

    The apartment I live in now is horrible and I wouldnt record jack squat here. The songbirds cant even be kept out by the crummy windows.

    Find a place like that if you can.

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    Sometimes not even a room within a room is enough, you need a room within a room within inception. One can also buy a generator and journey into the desert.

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    I've built a booth in my room out of wood and sound acoustic foam. It took me 2 days and about 200$, which is very cheap compared to others I've seen.
    Also I have a half inch thick rug in the booth on the floor. It really helps.

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