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Thread: alternative to studio monitors

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    alternative to studio monitors

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    I'm a college student with limited funds and I'm not prepared to dish out 600 dollars for a pair of studio monitors. I really want to mix and master my track to its full potential.

    Are there headphones that are made with true flat response, that can be used as an alternative to studio monitors. I don't mind spending a couple hundred on a set of nice headphones that mimic the use of stereo monitors.

    Any guidance would be chill, Peace.

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    Your mixes will only be as good as your monitors and enviroment. With that being said, you need good monitors. Headphones will not help at all. If you must go the cheap route, check into KRK Rp 5 monitors. They won't b reak your bank and the are good for the price, but in the long run, investing in a good pair of monitors is a must.

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