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Thread: Acoustic Issue, Reflection

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    Acoustic Issue, Reflection

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    I have just acoustically treated my home studio, but im uncertain i have done it right. I used the mirror technique to locate the correct placement of the panels, and i have lined up the speakers, so they are two of the corners in a triangle, and im the third.

    But it feels like the sound i hear, is comming out straight in front of me. Can this be a reflection from my screen, or is this the whole point?

    Made a sketchy sketch

    Sorry, for the stupid ass question :v

    regards Parten

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    based on your sketch

    get stands that let you sit those monitors on their long sides at your ear height when seated
    - at the moment you have them pointing down which means you are not getting direct sound but reflected sound from your desktop

    the other problem you cannot fix at the moment (I would think) the space you are working in is too narrow to get a good sense of what the sound truly is
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    Thank you for clearing that up, i will purchase a couple of stands and try to hear the difference.

    Had one of my most experienced producer friends over today, and he pointed out the room size as well, which i where aware of.
    The Yamaha hs8 speakers requires 1,5m in radius from any wall according to the manual, but the gain reduction knobs -2,-4db made a huge difference. all over im happy with the sound. At least if i compare it to the cheap deseiving headset i used to mix on.

    Expanding my cellar as we speak, soon there will be plenty of room for music

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