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Thread: Question of the week

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    Question of the week

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    can anyone please tell me now a days what makes the perfect song. Is it about the verse in punch lines any more. Do people even listen to verses any more or is it about beat and hook. thoughts people...

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    {Quoting an amazing wordsmith I personally know}

    It seems like all people are focused on right now is how many multi-syllable rhymes a person can put into four bars.

    "It takes no skill to rhyme
    just a large vocabulary
    true art is to mold
    and make those words extraordinary..."

    Skill on the technical side of writing is more than just how good it sounds. This is not opinion. This is fact.
    You have artists like Nas and Eminem that everybody knows as "technical" writers. but there's more to their skill than just mapping out rhyme schemes...

    TRUE technical writing is about how well you craft so that EVERYONE gets the same message. This is not done with rhymes. This is done by knowing how to manipulate the language (English or other)

    "Gangbangers and
    Skank Wranglers
    Shady baby killers
    Using coat hangers
    No matter where you go
    I'ma let you know
    There's no place in the world
    like the ghetto"

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