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    Pseudo (2012)

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    i've trained everyone from varsity freshman, larceny felons to professors at carnegie mellon
    interesting questions brought about digression during my last pharmacy session
    in succession i mentor eleven during one lesson and broadcast the spectrum via overhead projection
    in this profession making connections with the students leaves a lasting impression
    but they've been warned not to ever make corrections in the form of interjections
    i won't allow any exceptions, to me it's nothing more than self centered expression
    i'm renown as a effective speaker who's won numerous awards for how i lecture seniors
    on campus i'm considered a aggressive teacher yet at the same time a very receptive leader
    i ask students to arise and give a discourse, i don't want to hear any conjecture either
    because personally when i engage in dialogue i'm never, ever, ever meager
    i speak for hours as if my lungs came with a compressor feature
    raised the meter, set aside leisure and it turned me into a better reader
    my charisma has been described as that of a clever preacher
    because after you attend one of my classes, you become a believer
    i memorized several publications in preparation for my latest academic presentation
    i've learned effective persuasive oral communication and use props for visual representations
    on some occasions depending on the location i use wireless base stations for telecommunications
    there are no limitations to how i transmit information during dissertations
    i prefer to lecture interactively, using diagrams centered graphically
    there's a record breaking crowd at the academy it's filled to capacity
    my strategy is simply to present the numerous facts tactfully
    this way the question and answer session won't turn into a travesty
    the event planner suggested that i use non confrontational grammar
    she said to aim for laughter and that it would be best for me to use my manners
    if not it could be a occupational hazard, to me it doesn't matter if there's clamor
    i'll do as i please, it's important for me to engage the crowd in a conversational manner
    the tension is thick here in Singapore, however with the staff there is a clean rapport
    if i'm not careful with what i say these students here will likely bring a war
    it's not as uncommon as it sounds that type of thing i have seen before
    uncontrollable violent riots have broken out and left the king deplored
    i started my speech with a thesis statement and left the crowd speechless in amazement
    the rest of my talk was centered around reading from a treatise that was ancient
    it's impossible to separate me from knowledge think irreducible complexity
    it was attempted first genetically then intellectually
    both test were concluded unsuccessfully
    i knew it was unlikely to occur like pregnancy after a vasectomy
    the failure to achieve the task led some of my rivals to perplexity
    to wisdom i show fidelity respectfully this is done out of necessity
    while i'm in the lab, my apprentice and assistant must stand right next to me
    their job is to observe and limit the amount of discrepancies
    for fun using mainly electronics i reverse engineer
    if i get the time to myself i may rework engine gears
    i immerse my hemispheres and have for many years
    my brain has to stay occupied unless the universe interferes
    i'm making corrections to my current calculations that were collected
    i dissect it and if errors are detected it will be corrected until it's perfected
    there was a dispute concerning some of my works so scientist had a layman test it
    no one had a clue as to the age so they went with carbon dating methods
    normally this is done in part by causing sediment to grind
    i learned about this studying creation science versus intelligent design
    written evidence of the development of the earth in both testaments are divine
    we aren't improving were under the bondage of decay an indefinite decline
    i don't want to make predictions but for how long will become evident with time
    if i said evolutionary theory was anything but irrelevant i would be lyin'
    for a moment let's discuss positive and negative electrical charges
    primary and secondary batteries yield diametrical discharges
    yet and still a secondary battery self discharge is larger
    unlike some other authors i just love the use of technical jargon
    i take apart led controllers, sensors, components and other removable parts
    i observe the view of the majestical spectacle produced knows as arcs and sparks
    just imagine colliding atoms that causes lantern like lightning flashes
    my team is hoping the outcome of this experiment will enlighten masses
    i make careful notes of the responses with notations and hyphen dashes
    when doing so i don't look down at the paper, very similar to how i write in classes
    my plastic flask attaches to the test tube glasses it was designed to siphon gases
    sitting to the left of it is one of my patented tight spring gadgets
    i read over engineering specs while enjoying the piezoelectric effect
    i want to redirect compression stress then re-run a new connection test
    i have already wrecked some pieces of wire mesh but i want to protect the rest
    i really don't know what to expect if this effect proves incorrect
    i'll have to give it a rest and it's back to the drawing board i guess
    "Real g's move in silence like The Consigliere." - UNKNOWN

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    bars, on the set, yeah aite

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