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Thread: Opinion of some of my lyrics/poems

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    Opinion of some of my lyrics/poems

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    "So pissed right now
    All I wanna do is throw a diss right now
    How? Well lemme throw it down
    All these mother fuckers so against brown, so against black, shit is so fuckin wack.
    Gettin real sick of this shit,
    Bout time ya all get with it,
    twenty seven-teen? HAH
    Ya damn haters even seen?
    Don't think you're too keen, damn punks
    Soundin like a buncha young chumps,
    (Soundin like a buncha young Trumps, buncha young trumps)
    Damn haters, so set on destruction,
    Instead of the real construction,
    Of our fucked up society, we can fix it
    people seem more focused on notoriety, *itches
    They fuckin twist it, this ain't a life I want for the kids, All I wanna do is get rid of this shit.
    Focus on what's real, let this world heal.
    I'll be droppin these bars on these haters so hard, they will be seein black n white stars"

    "I'm addicted to the romance
    And I ain't only talkin bout what's in 'er pants
    I'm talkin bout that calmness you get
    When ya with your best girl just havin a cig
    Just sittin outside or maybe in ya ride
    Ain't got no time for side hoes n drama shows
    I'm talkin bout that real shit, that calm love ya get, maybe once maybe twice and if ya lucky maybe thrice, that'd be nice
    Look into 'er eyes, know when ya got a real prize, ain't ever 'gon wanna cut ties
    It's about that ride or die, that girl you call "mine"
    The woman you can spend unlimited amounts of time with
    Straight outta the sky, she's God's gift, keep you uplifted when ya down
    Type of woman that rubs you down when you off work n lounging around
    Call her Minerva, she the real goddess
    Get 'er half naked in that sexy Lace up bodice

    This is some stuff I have atm, samplers sorta.

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    it seems great, it mainly depends on the instrumentals, can't be too slow though that's for sure.

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    Unless I read it wrong, you got two different songs going.
    Both good though.

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