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Thread: Instrument parts in EDM music.

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    Instrument parts in EDM music.

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    Hi guys,

    New member and I'm working on my first dance music song.

    I've got a drop figured out;

    1. Chords (a couple variations, pad, arpeggiator, regular chords)
    2. Melody
    3. Bass Line
    4. Drum Beat

    Is there any part of the song that I'm missing, as far as basic elements go? It will take me a while to turn the snippet I have into a full song, but I want to know if there's another key element that I'm missing, maybe harmonies on the melody? So...

    5. Harmonies

    Anything else? I'm sure there's a bunch of common effects that I'm missing, but I'm primarily concerned with the musical parts of EDM music.


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    Those 4 are pretty much the core of every song genreally, but be creative! Listen to other songs and a figure out what elements they are using

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    As long as you compose the melody and chord progressions. You basically have the core of any song. You get so much from a chord progression. Like the what the bass is gonna do and the rhythm of the drums. The melody being the main part of the song. Try to create two or three different melodies for different sections of the song and drop things in and out threw out the song. The melody and chords are the music. You’re a songwriter and producer at the same time. So just be creative and keep things kinda simple too.

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    Also, there are alot of times lil effecty things. Like a chord plays and theres scoopy whip sound and then a cool percussion. Micro sounds u know. Like look up that one bloodpop and justin bieber song

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