I picked my self up from where snakes left me down
And I知 seein you flashing in my mind cop sirens without the sound
And I知 hearin red like I gotta kill count
that I account, Cuz you always leave me red blue and and loud

And I never kill nobody, but that don稚 keep me bound
If you keep standing, I値l take a second round
Cuz I知 writing my bullets and loading them into my sound
And when I play a bass that shakes the place, I make the gun reverberate loud

I do this for me, never for the lick
I carve out my home, out your gold bricks
I do it to keep my mind three to the six
Cuz I知 Heath Ledger playin these pencil tricks

I goin through life, the second witch trial
I ain稚 a witch I知 just a clown usin blood to make my smile
If you bring a knife to a fist fight
Then I値l bring an automatic to your final rites

I知 not a rapper I知 a writer
You could never say I知 not a writer
I starta write every time I gotta be a rapper
But when I rap I become the storyteller

I say what doesn稚 kill you only makes you stranger
That痴 it痴 okay if it is my life I wager
If get i stranger I become the embodiment of danger
I think at light speed like I知 runnin like Evan jager

I知 like the joker
I知 jokin my jokes till your gone and then I become Joseph kerr
Over time my mind starts to deter
But when you come back you can count blood spills and burns

My ideologies
I知 in this world metaphysically
Cuz my theology got me thinking my insanity isn稚 an unorthodoxy

In my crazed mind I like to take pride
But for a moment let me set that aside
You see i also gotta partner in crime
Harley Quinn chillin at my side like Bonnie and Clyde
釘ut Mr J., First Bonnie died
Just like you, Harley, just after you cried
When you realized that I betrayed you for homicide
There痴 a red smile on her face, wedding dress stain,
I think I値l keep it safe for the next bride