Let It Go

Verse 1
I thought you were interested in me / Now I know it was all in my head / How could I be such a fool? / You were always on my mind / Every though was about you / I was completely wrapped up / My attention for you was more than physical
Verse 2
For some time I've been blaming you / Even though it wasn't your fault / I was angry with you / Now I need to forgive myself / I know I placed you on the spot / Releasing you from me is not going to be that simple
Bridge 1
I am still healing / And I know it will take time to get over you / It was my heart that got me into this mess / And it'll be my brain that will get me out / I need to let go of off starting today
Bridge 2
I am still healing / And I know that I will have to be more patient / My foolish heart got me into this mess / Now I'm counting on my brain to help me out / I need to let go of you before it's too late
Bridge 3
I've got to let you go / I really cannot live like this anymore / I'll focus my attention elsewhere / To me, you are invisible / And when everything's said and done / I know I'll be better off
Thoughts of you, I have to let them go / Feelings for you, I should let them go / I just want to be free / Reminders of you, I want to let them go / It's time for me to carry on with my life / Letting go of everything just might make me happier

Written by B. (Wednesday, January 17, 2001) Copyright 2001