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    Fear by Somasu | Free Listening on SoundCloud

    Another day in time
    Tell my father why
    Look between the skies
    Youíll find a spectre of demise
    Youíre praying
    Your favourite songs
    Donít be surprised, my child, my life is fading bright

    Itís time to find your place
    Solitude with wilding faces
    This is not the time to preach
    I am all that I can give
    Sell me lies
    And I loved you, like myself
    I have no words
    I have no words
    I have no words

    Solitude is mine
    Iím fading
    Stop blaming time
    Live your life
    Our time is ripe
    Jesus Christ
    Where are you now?
    In Africa
    Where you were born
    From the water
    On an alter
    Whereís your mother
    She isnít born, she isnít born

    You donít have to be rich
    You donít have to be me
    You donít have to be seen
    You donít have to be me
    You donít have to be glad
    You donít have to be keen

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