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    Are these good lyrics?

    Here I am with a broken heart
    Better left unsaid
    You see me all the time
    Careless thoughts surrounding me
    My stomach tied up in knots
    I am just one of your back ups
    When your feeling extra lonely
    Stop acting like you care
    Your just a phony
    You feeling alright?
    Who really cares right?
    Nothing matters when your drunk
    Nothing matters when your high
    All you know is the numbness in your veins
    You seem pretty good and your not even there
    Not even your thoughts make you feel pain
    Your not even there you don’t even care
    There’s nothing going inside your head
    Your just nothing but empty and the thoughts surrounding you are nothing but air
    Having fun, she said?
    What about all the people who love you and did everything for you?
    All you do is sit around and wait for that booze
    Thinkin’ I’ll come back? Look what you’ve been doin’
    Feeling good now?
    You don’t even realize you were sittin’ in that room
    Fallin’ away and pushin’ people until there’s nothing left in this world
    How many times do I have to say this before you get the message I’m sending to you?
    All you do is leave me on read and find a way to that room
    Paintin’ pictures in my head I wish I couldn’t see but you have me in a relapse
    Fighting’ back, attack me, listen that’s all that you do
    Eventually you’ll come back and no one will be listenin’ to you
    Take your time, I knew this wasn’t true
    Your eyes say it all, is it all comin’ back to you?
    Prolly not, you only care about yourself
    Self centered and absorbed, how much can you be?
    Wouldn’t doubt it, everything right there is all in front of me
    The evidence of such caring less deeds
    Something so irrelevant, making me feel less significant
    Your actions are so repetitive, nothing but aggravating
    You seem so concerned, what? Are you actually listening?
    Wow, never knew that was such a thing
    I think we are just going to have to wait and see on this one
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    Heck yeah they are. Now record that thang. Its not lyrics until its done with le voice. I feel like this would sound really cool. Also if u want a beat lemme know. U dont have to pay me or anythang just maybe tag me? idk. Pursue ur dreams lol

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