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    EP I wrote

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    Psalm 8:3 When I consider thy heavens, the work of thy fingers, the moon and the stars, which thou hast ordained;
    Psalm 8:4 What is man, that thou art mindful of him? and the son of man, that thou visitest him?

    I observe the sun through a specialty made binocular telescope
    the equivalent of visually checking a pulse using a stethoscope
    now the view i behold of the stellar appears very close
    when i write concerning gravitational forces the pen and the letters float
    exactly how much is out in space, it has to be measureless
    i look above and ponder as to how astronomers measure this
    the stars are like unto jewels, the universe is God's treasure chest
    Genesis one fifteen, he made the stars also, sounds so effortless
    if you wanted to count them exactly where would you start?
    try mapping 1oo billion quasars far apart on a star chart
    approximately six trillion miles is the distance used to measure a light year
    this makes this vast area in question appear quite clear
    just think about the work put into the galaxy known as fireworks
    it resembles a aerial spinner explosion however you have to light it first
    how He did this is as mysterious as where a spider lurks
    the solar flare charged plasma particles produced the brightest burst

    imagine a gigantic, metallic, ceramic and plastic mechanically automatic
    aerodynamic car flying around in traffic causing havoc
    virgin galactic spaceships, it's like the Nebuchadnezzar in the matrix
    humanity cursed with drought sought out space transportation seeking a oasis
    we used to rent cars from Avis, driving on the road was the basics
    to aircraft bases to out in space zero gravity floating weightless
    i picture Howard Hughes taking off from a aircraft carrier
    mail carriers to e-mails in real time, breaking the sound barrier
    somewhere in the Milky Way amongst other scientist I take samples
    our continued research will further the development of space travel
    before we had to take rafts through Magellan's strait paths
    I laughed when asked if they take baths aboard space craft
    the interface indicates when we have entered space
    the bathrooms are gender based, this helps facilitate each members place
    this adventure indicates that we surrender race and integrate
    after dinners ate we communicate to illustrate our inner faith

    once when i was younger as i laughed and played
    i asked and prayed, God may I go to space one day before i pass away
    i want to observe the semicircular curvature of the earth
    under water it was once immersed where surfers go to surf
    the way i envision up there is different than images on the television
    beyond digital signal transmissions they're more like apparitions and visions
    i want to get out of here and be free like rap musicians in prison
    hoping that God will listen until my petition reaches fruition
    i would rather be wearing laced boots while nude in a space suit
    picture the amount of floating hang time when we play hoops
    taking off from a spaceport to outer space to play sports
    too bad i can't bring a race horse or of course a skateboard
    no more being bound by the confines of this world now
    i think about the meaningless of the value from every pearl found
    I'm being pushed back in my seat from the pressure of the jet stream
    however everything isn't always what it seems, this is just a dream

    Job 38:31 Canst thou bind the sweet influences of Pleiades, or loose the bands of Orion?
    Job 38:32 Canst thou bring forth Mazzaroth in his season? or canst thou guide Arcturus with his sons?


    1 Samuel - 16:11 And Samuel said unto Jesse, Are here all [thy] children? And he said, There remaineth yet the youngest, and, behold, he keepeth the sheep. And Samuel said unto Jesse, Send and fetch him: for we will not sit down till he come hither.
    1 Samuel - 16:12 And he sent, and brought him in. Now he [was] ruddy, [and] withal of a beautiful countenance, and goodly to look to. And the LORD said, Arise, anoint him: for this [is] he.

    seventy mighty men stand with their weaponry to the right and to left of me
    my deputies command them speaking breathlessly using telepathy
    this is my destiny my calling as king is heavenly
    I came from peasantry with felonies to a legacy of integrity
    the humblest, this salvation is a everlasting covenant surpassing governments
    my opposition are amassing punishment so while I'm relaxing they'll be discomfited
    planning is subsequent soon we'll be attacking their triumvirate
    turn their sustenance into nothingness with a thunderous destructiveness
    in my kingdom the captains were well trained for survival action
    as we approach the canyon they tried to withstand them firing canons on rival factions
    it's hard to fathom homicidal assassins blastin' in a tribal fashion
    with a primal passion but this is exactly how reprisal happens
    we take away their camels and damsels, i travel with candles my apparel is flannel
    when the day breaks i display a opaque shadow, beware like when a snake rattles
    I'm tactful with the tools i handle as i hunt I'm quite careful not to awake mammals
    i was a shepherd that raised cattle, now i sit upon the saddle ready to wage battle

    that was winter but this is spring how i reign is a mystery
    with ease i break enemies like a chicken's wing the scriptures they strengthen me
    i am a valiant man able to shoot with bows using both hands
    i depose my foes cross sands and overthrow whole lands
    after the confrontation i divide the spoil amongst the congregation
    for the relatives of those who died i offer them consolation
    some questioned whether or not i was king, this day is the confirmation
    from henceforth there will be condemnation for any such conversation
    i have all magicians, wizards and witches gathered so they can be cast out
    the musicians play rhythms we praise, feast as we laugh and shout
    i grant petitions to my descendants from the village to show kindness
    it will become a tradition to those in attendance a privilege for the righteous
    spies report to me throughout the hour guards scout from the soldier's towers
    heavy is the head that wears the crown, i have to watch or else be overpowered
    i have reaped my reward my hand cleaves to my sword as i cry out to the Lord
    i chose to be a man of war my daily activities the scribes they record

    what will become of me and who will reign when i leave the earth?
    the barren queen is to conceive but i don't believe we shall see at birth
    according to the prophets he is to be a man child in my likeness and image
    he's to be king blessed if upright but he'll lay lifeless if wicked
    i pray his armour bearers have rest and the entire tribe hath peace
    let the famine flee, the disease leave and please may the wrath cease
    i am wounded from battle pierced underneath my third rib from a arrow
    the tip went in shallow my entire side is wrapped and anointed with aloe
    I'm trapped in this shameful place while in this painful state
    can't wait to come out of this dire strait i hate reminiscing on that fateful date
    feeling powerless overflowing with doubtfulness the size is mountainous
    on my back appearing honorless with a cowardice countenance
    my brutes enter in groups, they salute i dismiss the duke who plays flutes
    we settle any feuds and disputes then we discuss new trade routes
    the day draws near for my freedom my time of healing is reaching completion
    even though i've been badly beaten this season I am aware this is a reason for treason

    I arose out of bed as my uncle whispered there's a plot for my life
    immediately i got my clothes and made the captains watch out for my wife
    this conspiracy for the throne is coming from a portion of my horsemen
    i had the sad misfortune of being the target of extortion
    they want my fortune, me and my envoy flee by night to escape
    now exiled i fear for my life filled by fright and dismayed
    in the wilderness we dwell in dim caves for several months
    could never settle once watched my back and my front because the rebels hunt
    we turn the tables on the perpetrators set the bait to capture them
    to sneak up to the back of the leader then my men will sink the dagger in
    I was told that someone had news for me that was of relevance
    a young man greeted me as your excellence he bowed and did reverence
    he said they fell for the trap he brought me his bloody garments for the evidence
    i told him once we returned from this exodus he would be exalted to elegance
    once we enter into our land our people greet us, children they kiss my ring
    tens of thousands line up waving gifts they bring singing long live the king

    1 Kings 2:11 And the days that David reigned over Israel [were] forty years: seven years reigned he in Hebron, and thirty and three years reigned he in Jerusalem.
    1 Kings 2:12 Then sat Solomon upon the throne of David his father; and his kingdom was established greatly.


    Ecclesiastes 1:16 I communed with mine own heart, saying, Lo, I am come to great estate, and have gotten more wisdom than all [they] that have been before me in Jerusalem: yea, my heart had great experience of wisdom and knowledge.
    Ecclesiastes 1:17 And I gave my heart to know wisdom, and to know madness and folly: I perceived that this also is vexation of spirit.

    a peculiar person, my ideas become innovations that consumers purchase
    creativity machines are based on my brain they're just the computer versions
    adept in science and the arts since it won't start i take the GE appliance apart
    i noticed the wires they sparked, the problem was the motors alignment in part
    I'm a poet, physicists and a mathematician, the living text book definition of academician
    when emcees develop a lack of nutrition they feed off me and listen to my rap inventions
    a dietitian physician curing malnutrition through cognition acquisition
    you can put what i've written along side other compositions of black musicians
    a neurotic with a psychotic chaotic way with logic it's psychological
    rather methodical it may seem illogical but the disorder is neurological
    the authentic egocentric eccentric i have trouble forming friendships
    i been sick this is intrinsic, works are centric to psychiatry forensics
    other than in loathing circumstances i feel like I'm overflowing with talent
    just trying to regain balance can't sleep so i drink melatonin in gallons
    was told on campus my habits were due to a serotonin imbalance
    wrote another album overdosing on stanzas writing and composing on canvas

    because of a thesis about the sequence of the dna double helix
    I was put on the deans list, he said i've never seen this you may be a genius
    I was speechless i spent countless nights contemplating sleepless
    I'm a unforeseen myth, i stay ahead like a prefix, revealing scientific secrets
    purportedly the overly judgmental majority show what resembles inferiority
    they detest my fundamental authority as well as my mental superiority
    even when i was younger there was a backlash students would be mad up in math class
    i got the last laugh while they struggled i would finish test around half pass
    i was the teachers pet that would make seniors fret
    i would become overly upset when i would receive a threat
    hated on because i had my hand raised and they weren't even done reading yet
    i noticed everyone else had to work harder on the weekly test
    but i never considered that i may be smarter than the rest
    i just always try to set the marker farther than the best
    even though i was the target of their threats, i harbor no regrets
    i feel like a martyr and i thought this subject outta be addressed

    my behavior is not passive it's obsessive when i write it's massive excessive
    poems of graphic expressions that showcase being manic depressive
    without a question i would say my genetic madness is aggressive
    for the most part i suppress it and yet manage with being possessive
    you could call me paranoid groups or crowds i tend to avoid
    I get easily annoyed, because of this it's not easy to be employed
    I'm either brilliant or have a mental illness, really am i insane?
    resilient I remain, to put away the mundane is the fulfillment of my brain
    i draw devices of aeronautical elements and chart precise astronomical measurements
    i do the latter of the two for excellence not for astrological reverence
    I'm a perfectionist i practice and in no time i can say i have perfected this
    highly intelligent, it's effortless, the amount of time it takes is indefinite
    back and forth like a sporadic gyrator I'm a displayer of erratic behavior
    I'm like a enigmatic, dogmatic dictator, that was my emphatic disclaimer
    i avoid being amongst handguns because i may have a mental spasm
    my anger is like splitting' atoms when I'm having a random temper tantrum

    focused on the future now I'm headed in this direction in a constant state of introspection
    seeking progression not contraceptives i don't want to miss out on life like i missed conception
    based on my unique perception people are often left with the wrong impressions
    i answer lots of questions concerning me but there are still many huge misconceptions
    I'm extremely innovative and completely creative
    whether that's a link between insanity or not that has been deeply debated
    i hesitated taking medications however i was briefly persuaded
    but being medicated i hate it, it makes me feel sleepy, sedated
    I'm obsessed with my own beautiful mind and it's usual rhymes
    at the time there were some delusional signs present when i was out doing juvenile crimes
    looking back my criminal regression was due to clinical depression
    i've since learned that for people like me crime is a typical profession
    this is my message to the adolescent on antidepressants seeking acceptance
    my assessment of the genius madness interconnections and my own personal imperfections
    these days i study and memorize the bible just like a true disciple
    it's vital for my survival and i no longer feel suicidal

    2 Timothy - 1:7 For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.

    Acts 4:13 Now when they saw the boldness of Peter and John, and perceived that they were unlearned and ignorant men, they marvelled; and they took knowledge of them, that they had been with Jesus.

    this week the alumni and i will be meeting together at Cambridge
    to discuss our up and coming speaking engagements
    seeking payments and even the much needed seating arrangements
    later we'll be screening patients that are in need of placement
    make sure to stay away from misleading statements
    while you're reading citations during teaching dissertations
    normally when i go to address the faculty at their academy
    my strategy is to parallel examples using analogies
    to shy away from fantasy and fallacies, i speak factually with accuracy
    and present information with no sign of vanity in my vocabulary
    to the day of my retirement i'll present the finest learning environment
    that reaches a higher percent, lessons take off like a flyers ascent
    what i teach is never irrelevant, chewing gum while speaking causes speech impediments
    i find that the mind is sediment where i dig for a deep intelligence
    i monitor my students complete development, when disputes arise i have them compete to settle it
    only recently did i add that element to the much needed regiment

    for adaptation into the classroom my methods have been taking into consideration
    The Administration approves of the equation illustrations
    information i try to convey it in visible ways using visual aids
    this helps students to engage that are in a daze or the transitional stage
    i have seen it before, for most their age this is a typical phase
    however, at this point they only earn a bare minimal grade
    when they are disengaged their grades stay the lowest i've noticed
    i hold them the closest my goal is to keep them motivated and focused
    by undergoing a critical refinement in regards to my assignments
    i created a lesson plan that creates excitement and is vibrant
    don't be surprised in the slightest if some of the wisest are those who remain silent
    many students who are the brightest are also the most quiet
    unless it's a requirement to participate i don't offer them chastisement
    i can observe that the knowledge that i present they acquire it
    i began reworking the questions as part of the learning assessment
    for me affirming a freshman was like earning a return on my investment

    i enter quickly, i know, showing up late is a bad habit
    even though it's pretty chilly i waste no time i take off my plaid jacket
    for today's lesson i'll project flash graphics on mathematics
    my version of fastt math by scholastic, i hope the entire class passes
    the students follow me this is my educating methodology
    it's a philosophy or ideology i aide in elevating prodigies
    my new policy will be tutor paced working doing computer based learning
    i encourage dialog but most educators seem to hate face to face conversing
    i allow them to voice objections over wording of multiple Choice Questions
    some sections that aren't in their native language can destroy lessons
    this year i've been fortunate not to have any distractions or disruptions
    the classroom is for discussions not reactions and interruptions
    tomorrow will be the day i will give a thirty minute oral examination
    the purpose is for testing and a much needed formal evaluation
    this will allow me to analyze who's the best before the standardized test
    I'm on a strategize quest where i'll assess the path that lies next

    John 9:34 They answered and said unto him, Thou wast altogether born in sins, and dost thou teach us? And they cast him out.

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    Didn't read it all, but it looks very artistic and well written. Good job, now are you gonna record this? Its quite long lines, and i didn't see a particularly flow in the writings but i have to say Good Job non the less! Interesting.

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    Is this the BARS of Walter White???????? A Teacher + u said to Jesse that he should go fetch something?? smh
    Get off the internet Walt.. Quit rapping, quit your lame teacher job and get back to cooking that blue meth of yours. hahah

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    No, it won't be recorded, it is meant to be a literary work.
    "Real g's move in silence like The Consigliere." - UNKNOWN

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    It looks pretty great and artistic.

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    I respect the time and effort someone gives for his work. For his art ! Is it good ? For me it is ! If you love it i think someone else will do too

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