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Thread: Can't get Lyrics done / Writer's block

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    Can't get Lyrics done / Writer's block

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    Hey guys.

    Since a few weeks or months I seem to have kind of a writers block. I feel inspired, I have hundreds of good ideas and got some nice instrumentals.
    But everytime I write the first few bars I dislike them, delete them and do something else. That's kind of demotivating.

    I tried everything. Doing sports. Getting drunk. Not writing for 2 weeks (or thinking about it). Sleep more. Sleep less. Trying out other genres. And nothing seems to help.

    It's just frustrating if you have the perfect lyrics in your head and somehow it's just not working.
    Maybe someone has an idea to fix this.

    Greetings from Germany,


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    Try this book called "songwriting without boundaries" by Pat Pattison, it contains some exercises you can do daily to sharpen your writing!

    Don't worry it will come in due time... sometimes patience is the best tool and forget about perfection

    All the best,

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    I think what's happening is you're comparing yourself to top selling artists. I would try (though this may sound corny) writing about how frustrated you are about having writer's block or any other real issues you're having. Not saying it will make the perfect song, but it'll clear your head and hopefully get you back to having fun with it. If you don't enjoy what you're doing then what's the point right?

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    it sounds like you're RUNNING too fast with the thinking ahead..

    If these lyrics are perfect "in your head" and you're not writing them down.. these will remain in your head.. stuck! and that's frustrating..

    Try freestyling them down... take a mic and let things flow out.. even with mistakes, doesn't matter.. then, listen back to the recordings and write down the things you like.. do an edit work on it..

    There's a superinteresting talk between Letterman and JayZ on Netflix where JayZ says, sometimes you write a song in 5 mins.. sometimes it takes months.. and you're not even happy with it..

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