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Thread: Any Lyricists want to collab on my project (14 Tracks)

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    Any Lyricists want to collab on my project (14 Tracks)

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    First off, these are very different style than say "J Cole Type Beat"... i use inspirtion from 80's and 90's HipHop and rap, have taken itno account the gate style of some trap and it also works perfectly for the 2 EDM tracks i produced.

    I need a lyricist/Vocalist because i have been smoking for 18 years and it really makes me sound bad... i have 2 samples from 2004, here but the 14 tracks i produced are so much more chilla and much better:
    DJ LFD (Formerly known as "MKMS") Rap Experiments by DJ LFD | Free Listening on SoundCloud

    But here is a sample of the tracks i made, 8 of the 14 for a HipHop EP:

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