Didn't know where this belonged but
Pop EDM requesting insight

Hey guys This is really my first track where I used someone else's vocals and my own for a track rather than sampling or samples of someone else from the internet. Recorded in our home studio with our own daw and equipment I was able to produce this and am looking for some insight on what you guys think. Any criticism is welcome as I want each new track I produce to sound better and better. Compositionally, musically, lyrically, etc.

My partner Fernando is Columbian with a noticable accent, you will hear it in here. I wanted him to feel involved though as I am trying to teach him the way around digital studios ^^. I would be the second vocalist (rapping)

Overall I thought it turned out pretty catchy and generic (this is the feeling i was going for) as he is very into Pop EDM aka Chainsmokers and Cheat Codes. But i wanted it to have even just a little bit of originality in it. Thanks guys!

Be Your Knight - You and I by Professoar | Free Listening on SoundCloud