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Thread: The Drafts - Band EP - free download

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    The Drafts - Band EP - free download

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    Hi all, I've just set up a new webpage to promote my drumming and past and current bands so hoped you may like to have a little looks

    I've just uploaded a never released EP by my old band "The Drafts". I think its a shame not to share it, so please check it out and download the 4 songs for free. Its Ska/Punkish i would say.

    There are also vids and things and I will put on other EP's etc soon as well.

    If you download please give the page a like!, Hope you enjoy.

    Matt K
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    lol your text wouldnt show up i had to highlight it lol. might wanna go back and edited the post bro lol! But the music is dope! and amazing! I'm checking out your soundcloud right now so i can hear more of your recent projects. I downloaded Sceansters, had to lol.


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