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Thread: Where should i take this track next?

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    Where should i take this track next?

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    I have this killer intro set up and it dives straight into a chilllll beat but I don't know how to take it out of this beast and keep it fluid.

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    I think I got off on the wrong planet.

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    I like it, i would have put some melody after that, do something more "usual" but still with the vibe you have at the beginning. Like something a melody with only few notes (like a melody not complete at first) but who get stronger after with the melody getting more complete.

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    Moved this to the showcase forum where it belongs

    I think pull it back to nothing and introduce a nice slow chord minor chord progression, like lowpassed pad or organ. Then you can return to your original idea with this chord progression established. After that I don't know but I find it very hard to keep things interesting without the ebb and flow of some chords.
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