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Thread: West Coast Mozzy Type Beat F4F

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    West Coast Mozzy Type Beat F4F

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    I checked both on headphones and kitchen radio, generally I liked the track and definitely would like to check it with some rhymes on it, the way it sounds (mix/mastering-wise) is to me a really good work. I wanted to find something you might not have noticed and to give you another perspective, so below my findings:

    Kick - little bit too mellow for me, on the other hand has nice punch, I would also add some variation to its pattern (some in 1/3 pattern to make it more surprising)
    Snare - I think it deserves more place upfront, to me it sounds a little bit in the background (at least on headphones, on radio it is actually fine)
    Synth (0:43) - I am not sure here, but I would think about either tuning the sound or swapping through some other presets to get an idea if another sound would fit better here. The one you used is ok, but I think here there is some place you can improve the beat as well.

    That's all from my side, I would be grateful if you could check my track and let me know what do you think about it, please find the link below:

    [F4F] Jazzhop Debut

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