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Thread: Totally unique Triphop instrumental, F4Feedback - DJ LFD - Remastered January 2, 2018

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    Totally unique Triphop instrumental, F4Feedback - DJ LFD - Remastered January 2, 2018

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    First of all, Happy New Year... i got FL Studio Producers Edition, and am having a wild time remastering my tracks that were just compressed with limiter, Maximus opens up a whole complex way of mastering, with separate compression and Pre- and Post- Gains for Low, Mid, High

    nicknamed "The Boner Song" lol (you'll notice at the first minute), this was originally created experimenting with TrackGod VST Synth, i made a couple melodies, and expanded the possiblities with the Elite Edition of TrackGod, iwth a lot of sound banks that use almost exclusively

    In the end i made it for my One True Love, who i care about very much and this is meant to be like a part trippy tune with atmopsherics as well as some catchy melodies, the arrangement and mastering took a while, so that means the effort i put into made it sound very crips and solid, in every sense of the track

    TL;DR: Consructive Criticizm is welcome, but please don't trash the tune if it's not your style,i prefer "if you don't have anyhting nice to say, don't say anything at all"... to a point of course... Negative Criticizm in a meaningful way, not an ignorant one, that helps me produce better tracks is perfect for me, i make very "weird" tunes sometimes, and if you're into TripHopthen you'll see the point of this Track, Thanks!

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