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Thread: Storytelling Hip Hop Instrumental " Curtains"

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    Storytelling Hip Hop Instrumental " Curtains"

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    Hi, the drums really knock and are great, I liked especially the snare as it sounds really complete, but later on the kick hits hard as well. Where do you got the samples from? Did you play the drums or used the piano roll to create the patterns? Nevertheless, the drums sound really professional to me, so respect. I also liked the transition from about 27 sec - really cool and smooth switch in terms of mood.

    To give you something that you can consider - I am not sure about the main vocal theme, but maybe it's just different style so i would change my attitude if I would have listened longer, especially with vocals.

    I would be grateful if you could check my beats and let me know what do you think about them, if you'd like then feel free to check those in my signature.
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