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    "Pajamas" | F4F

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    Greetings earthlings!

    Here is another new travel, something for you to warm up with and be cozy while you space out.


    Travel safely,

    - TTT

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    I liked this lo-fi vibe a lot, but in this case it is something fresh to me as lo-fi songs I used to listen were little bit sad & mellow, but your track sounds more positive to me. Also cool transition to a completely new theme in 2:30, both 'tracks' blend cool with each other. This would be a great music to listen in the morning with a cup of coffee, it was a really great travel.

    If you'd like to check my tracks and let me know what do you think and what you'd eventually do another way - I would be grateful for that:

    "Pajamas" | F4F

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    Did not expect that drop. The sampling is sick here, the off beat feeling gives it swing and a lifelike feeling. This feels like lo-fi, but not lo-fi if it makes sense. Its catchy, the melody is gonna be in my head for a while. I love the drum work too. The mixing is great, and the switchup is beautiful.

    My only advice is to mix the samples into the background a bit more, they seem a bit too "in your face" to relax me.

    I love this vibe, defo something that wouldnt feel out of place on a spotify playlist, quality wise too!

    I'd love some feedback on my track, if you could. Thanks in advance!

    late. by zodat. | Zodat | Free Listening on SoundCloud

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    Good melodic work and sound selection. This sounded like a soundtrack to a 70s movie. The switch up is cool, sounded very different from the first part though, like a different beat. It didn't bother me, but it did sound like two beats squeezed into one, leaving the first one unfinished. I think the mix is good - I do not hear anything I would want to correct. Overall, this is decent, I enjoyed the chill vibe. I like the percussion elements and the vocal samples in this. Good job man!

    I'd appreciate your feedback on my latest beat: (F4F) D'zhi Muzik - "New Bugatti"

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